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We specialize in meeting the needs of clients for whom English is not their native language. Here are a few examples of how Professionally Edited Documents has helped them get their point across.


Example A

Original: We always say that staffs are very valuable for us
Edited version: We constantly stress the value of our employees.

Example B

Original: The most important mission of us is to create a reliable place to work.
Edited version: Our most important mission is to create a safe workplace.

Example C

Original: The necessary equipments and precautions were taken to make our employees work more productive and efficient.
Edited version: All the necessary equipment has been secured, and every precaution taken, to boost employee efficiency.

Example D

Original: The lack of a good communication between the interests of the buyer and the manufacture capacity of the supplier has been identify as one of the main problems of the supply chain process.
Edited version: Failure to clearly define the buyer’s needs, and the supplier’s ability to meet those needs, has been identified as one of the main problems within the supply chain process.

Example E

Original: It is necessary to ask the selected factory to develop a reference sample for approval before initiating the commercial relation through order placement.
Edited version: Before you place an order, it is vital to ask the selected factory to provide a product sample for your approval.

Before & After Sample of a College Admission Essay

See what a sample document looks like before editing, after editing with track changes, and after editing using our Silver and Diamond services, respectively. To learn more about our different service levels, go to pricing.

Before Sample Sample with Track Changes After Sample Silver Service After Sample Diamond Service
Before After Silver Diamond


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~ T. Chen, Financial Analyst

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~ Jane S., Graduate Student

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